The Great Controversy


Anglický překlad knihy Velký spor věků.


Biblical future of the world.

The Great Controversy offers a great view of crucial issues of life and takes us behind the scenes of world politics. This book reveals the exciting facts, and also encouraging predictions about the future. The world is in the middle of a great fight. War is engulfing nations, love and compassion are disappearing. Is there a way out?

The Great Controversy reveals the step-by-step reduction of our personal freedom. This is one of the most dangerous phenomena of modern times. Do you want to know the forces behind this?

The Great Controversy explains the current situation in the world and shows the plan of God for his people. Those who are looking for the answer to these questions, will find it with confidence in this book!

The Great Controversy is translated into more than 78 languages and read by millions of people. In your hands you have one of the most important books in the world!

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